Put Your Finger In My Mouth

September 16, 2017

Put your finger on my face
Put your finger in my mouth
Put your finger in my little mouth my
Mouth when I yawn-o
Mouth when I yawn-o
Oh oh what a day, what a day in Jesus
Oh oh what a day in Christ


Time for a Funeral

September 13, 2017

When your life ends
Your family and friends
Will put on a funeral
They’ll hire a person
Coffin and hearse and
Put on a funeral
Priest, rev or vicar
Then they will pick
A place for the ceremony
Break down halfway through
The speech that they do and
Press on courageously
Try to sum you up, la la la
Then learn a lesson
Based on your whole life
There is a cake coz
There is a wake
Right after the funeral
It sure may be sad
But it’s not all bad
Three cheers for your funeral

Holy Gumballs

August 1, 2017

Holy holy gumballs
Holy Hell
Praise be to God
Please believe that Jesus sees us
He is Lord upon Heaven’s hot seat
Oh la la la la
He rules all things on micro and macro levels

Time to Go to the Toilet

June 26, 2017

Poo poo time, time to hop on the number two tram
And now I shut that door, privacy for this poopy poo man
I ease my bum bum down and sit right on the bog
Oh mama, praise the Lord it feels so good to
Squeeze out a poo poo
Poo poo
Poo poo


June 25, 2017

I don’t know (logistics)
I don’t know (logistics)
I don’t know (logistics)
I don’t know what time it’s best to go
To walk or take the bus
What food I should buy us
Or will you come with me?
Oh my God
No (logistics)
I don’t know (logistics)
I don’t know (logistics)
I don’t know is Coles or Safeway best
Did you just want to rest
My phone is down to 10
We’ll meet and get food then
Please kill me
Christ Almighty
Please Lord, shoot me now

Egg and Bacon Bagels

June 21, 2017

Egg and bacon bagel, shove one in your gob
Egg and bacon bagel, shove one inside your mush
Do you wanna have, do you wanna have
Do you wanna have an egg and bacon bagel baby [x 2]
Sesame seeds for me
Eggs are soft, yolk like the sun
Baby spinach is in
Each and every jolly one

I’m an Anxious Boy

June 20, 2017

Hot dang, I’m an anxious boy (boy)
Hot dang, I’m an anxious boy
I like awake and I stress all night
And when I get up I’m tired as shite
And turns out everything is quite all right
So work and calm down you anxious boy