Picnics are Shit

February 5, 2015

New Song!

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Picnics are Shit
Picnics are shit
You just sit with no chair for your back
Sitting straight up on a blanket in some bullshit park
There’s some trees and families and their shit dogs
I’d lie down but fuck, the ground is lumpy
Look at the dogs all shitting
At eye height coz we’re all sitting
Children just asking for shit
Tupperware all on the blanket



February 2, 2015

New Song!

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I need some hundos, I’m poor as shit
Fuck me dead, they cut my work down
They won’t need comics for quite a bit
I hope I don’t get evicted
So I’m shaking my hair into the basin
Checking for bugs that make me itch
And my client just told me that her sister died
If it’s not true then she’s a massive bitch
Just round the corner they need some staff
Maybe I could work at Deane’s
Clearing those bugs out will cost a lot
I wish people still bought magazines