Sophia is a Citizen

May 31, 2017

Soph is a citizen
We went to the ceremony
We went for burgers
Jo Waite was there too
Emily drove us
No one got side dishes
Everyone was funny
Hee hee funny town, time for sweet japes
Also they made Soph a giant wombat cake


Tell Me About Your Weather

May 21, 2017

What’s the weather like up there
I don’t really care
I totally care
I like your hands and I like your hair
But God, I wanna know about the wind conditions
Ooo, tell me if it’s snowing
Ooo, how’s your little face going
Ooo, but I couldn’t care less
if today you needed long pants or a dress

Say My Good Man

May 7, 2017

Say my good man, lend your ear
Lean in close so you can hear
Closer now, closer now
You dress like a c**t

Eye Contact

May 7, 2017

Why did you glance up at me when
My hungry mouth was wide open
Spoon full of soup, and you chose then
To make eye contact
Your hair was red
My eyes were dead
Your face divine
Frozen in time
I can’t say the same

Pedal to the Metal

May 7, 2017

Holy moley you drove off so fast
Holy moley I can’t see you for dust
What a car – it’s just like greased lightening
Hit the pedal I still can hear you just
Love the burn outs that you’ve been doing
Got your handle on how to drive a car
Love your skid marks that you’ve been leaving
Love your work you’re a high way superstar
Thankyou for the invitation
Though I am not made of such high octane fuel to go
Some men are made for speed
It’s the drug they need
I’d rather be alone
And just play with my phone
Pedal to the metal

Take a Look Chum

May 7, 2017

Take a look chum, here’s my bum
Up my arsehole
Would you like the tour of my little pooer
Take a look friend, in the end
Up my arse
Have you got a second to look up my rectum
Tell me what you, tell me what you, tell me what you reckon
Have a little goosie in my red caboosie
Take a look round my brown home town and tell me what you see
Can I’ve your attention, did I ever mention
Sphincter walls and bumhole halls cleaned with anal retention
Hey hey hey mate
Amyl nitrate for my date
Hey hey kind sir
Please appraise my good behind sir

Ping Pong

May 7, 2017

Ping pong
Ping pong
Ping pong
Ping pong
Hands up who’s for ping pong
Ping pong
Ping pong
Ping pong